The 9th Run of SISU “Intercultural Communication” MOOC Course launched

The total number of Joiners and Learners from the 1st-8th run

What previous Learners have noted

Prof Zhang Hongling
Director of Office for International Cooperation and Exchange, SISU

Prof. Steve Kulich
Director of the SISU Intercultural Institute

Assoc. Prof. Chi Ruobing
Teacher and research of the SISU Intercultural Institute

The SISU “Intercultural Communication” course with FutureLearn (launched in 2015), was one of the first international MOOC courses aimed at fostering intercultural awareness. It continues to be offered twice a year and has attracted over 51,000 enrollments from nearly 200 countries and regions!

Over the past 8 runs, nearly 30,000 learners have engaged with each other through course videos, readings, exercises, and discussions (providing over 100,000 insightful comments)! Much learning occurs through reflecting on the diverse responses of other world-wide learners. By actively posting comments and replies, each learner enhances their intercultural understanding and competence.

Among the intercultural offerings now online, the SISU course encourages non-western perspectives and focuses on clarifying your identities and approaches to interaction in intercultural contexts. Many like the feedback steps that give guidance for writing out your “cultural story” and “cultural values.” Others find it helpful to how and why you might prefer to communicate as you do. Through teach of these processes, our Educator and Mentor team facilitates your engagement with others from varied contexts around the globe.

Come join us for the 9th run beginning October 14th! Invite your friends, classmates, or students! See what thousands of people around the world are sharing about their intercultural experiences. We look forward to reading YOUR ideas, questions, and responses and learning WITH YOU in this active intercultural learning community!

As Educators, we’re eager to meet and interact with you!

“We hope you’ll join us in this exciting global forum – its amazing to see the thousands of insightful comments that people of all ages and walks of life make about their different cultural identities/values, communication preferences, and adaptation and competence processes. Let’s learn online together!”

This course has the strong support of SISU, which is encouraging the effective integration of MOOCs and blended learning designs into the overall curriculum. Our experience and research shows that courses like this provide an important starting point for improving the quality of education and promoting the development of innovative talents. We welcome you to join us in this commitment toward the greater integration of information technology and active learning to enhance first-class education.

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