SISU holds the World Artificial Intelligence Conference on “AI Drives High-quality Development”

Jiang Feng, univerisity concil chair of SISU, speaking

Round table discussion

SISU holds World Artificial Intelligence Conference

On August 28, SISU, guided byShanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, hosted the World Artificial Intelligence Conference on “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Drives High-quality Development––the Construction of AI Ecological Chains”.

At the conference, hundreds of guests specialized in AI from home and abroad discussed the themes from human social transformation and future development to database technology development and artificial intelligence industry transformation, from development of natural language processing technology to new digital divide, and from international cooperation, cross-cultural communication and training of talents under the Belt and Road Initiative to the construction of AI ecological chains.About 20 influential figures from academia, industry and government delivered insightful and thought-provoking keynote speeches. They also shared most recent achievements in R & D, the study of the trends and impacts of AI technology, how AI development can promote the Belt and Road Initiative and the building of a talent pool, etc.

Over 30 experts attended three themed round tables and exchanged views on major topics, including translation in the era of AI, the relationship between AI development and the training of cross-cultural talents, and AI development and the new digital divide. Through the in-depth discussion, the experts outlined the development trends of AI technology and explored ways to respond to its influences.