Turkey Scholarship

Turkey Scholarship, which is a new scholarship system for foreign students, will be introduced beginning with the academic year 2012-2013. The new system will replace all current scholarship programs.

Chinese students can now directly apply and submit the required documents online at www.trscholarships.org, for the following scholarship programs:

- Bosphorus Scholarship (Undergraduate)

- Histroy and Civilization Scholarship (Master Degree, Doctorate)

- Ibni Haldun Social Sciences Scholarship (Master Degree, Doctorate)

- Likuscu Science and Technology Scholarship (Master Degree, Doctorate)

- Ibni Sina Medical Sciences Scholarship (Undergraduate, Master Degree, Doctorate)

- Islamic Theology Scholarship (Undergraduate, Master Degree, Doctorate)

- Yunus Emre Turkish Language Scholarship (Undergraduate, Master Degree, Doctorate)


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