Nov. 9 | Aron Shai, Zhang Ping: A Sino-Israeli Dialogue

Source: School of Oriental Studies | Date: 2012/11/07

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Speaker: Aron Shai, Zhang Ping (Tel-Aviv University, Israel)
Date: November 9, 2012 - Friday
Time: 09:30—11:30
Venue: Room 210, School of Oriental Studies, Songjiang Campus
Language: Hebrew, English, Chinese
Event type: Public Lecture

Speaker Biography: Professor Aron Shai is the Rector of Tel-Aviv University, Israel. As the Shoul N. Eisenberg Professor for East Asian Affairs, he has authored numerous academic books on China’s modern history published in England, the United States, China and Israel, including Origins of the War in the East: Britain, China, Japan 1937-1939 (1976), China in International Affairs 1840-1990 (1981), Britain and China 1941-1947: Imperial Momentum (1984), The Fate of British and French Firms In China 1949-1954 - Imperialism Imprisoned (1996), Imperialism Imprisoned: The Fate of British and French Firms in China (2003), Twentieth Century China, Ministry of Defence (1998), Zhang Xue-liang, The General Who Never Fought (2008) and Sino-Israeli Relations: Current Reality and Future Prospects (2009).

Dr. Zhang Ping is Professor of Chinese at Department of East Asian Studies, Tel-Aviv University, Israel. He is also co-mentor for doctoral students at Center for Judaic and Inter-religious Studies. As the first Chinese scholar to obtain a PhD in Humanities in Israel (2000), he specializes in the comparative study of Rabbinic Judaism and Confucianism and interpretation of Jewish classics. He has translated several Jewish classics into Chinese, including The Sayings of Fathers (1996) and The Mishnah, Seder Zeraim (2011).





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