May 14 | Professor Martin Halliwell & Dr Mark Rawlinson: Travelling Stories

Theme:Travelling Stories: Journeys in American and British Literature.

Speakers:Professor Martin Halliwell & Dr. Mark Rawlinson.

Time:4:30 p.m.

Date: May 14th (Monday), 2012.

Location:Room 5268, Songjiang campus, SISU.

Sponsor:College of English Language and Literature.

Lecture outline

This lecture will explore the theme of journeys in American and British Literature, examining the ways in which the geography of the United States and the United Kingdom has been represented through a range of literary examples. In the lecture we will draw out some of the key historical, geographical and cultural differences between the two countries by analyzing different types of journeys. In doing so we will look at grand historical journeys, cross-country and cross-continental travel, the movement from rural to urban environments, immigration narratives, transportation, exploration, and contemporary travel experiences. The lecture will be suitable for undergraduates, postgraduates and a general audience.


Professor Martin Halliwell is Professor of American Studies and Head of the School of English at the University of Leicester. His research interests span twentieth-century and contemporary American literature, American cultural and intellectual history, film after 1945, and the history of medicine and psychology. He is currently the 18th Chair of the British Association for American Studies.

Dr. Mark Rawlinson is Reader in English Literature in the School of English and Academic Director for the College of Arts, Humanities and Law at the University of Leicester. He works primarily on nineteenth-century and twentieth-century literature, especially narrative fiction and poetry, and he has a particular focus on the literature of war.

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