SISU held China-EU dialogue with diplomats to promote mutual understanding

“Communication is understand and to be understood”, Dr. Jiang Feng, the University Council Chair of Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) said at the China-EU Dialogue which was held on Songjiang Campus last week.

The dialogue, which aims to discussing the current and future situation between China and Europe, was co-sponsored by SISU’s Shanghai Academy for Global Governance and Area Studies (SAGGAS) and the Consulate-General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Shanghai.

The theme of the event is EU-China Relations in a Challenging Year. SISU's faculty members and students, as well as 19 senior diplomats from 17 EU members and 3 delegates from the Chamber of Commerce of the EU and Germany attended the event.

Jiang emphasized the essence of mutual understanding in the process of China and EU communication, which is also a critical element for world's peace, stability and development, in his speech. SISU always attaches great importance to the study of European languages and cultures. There is an increasing importance for China and the EU to enhance a healthy, stable and sustainable relationship amid the global pandemic.

Christine Althauser, the current rotating EU president of the Consul-General of Germany in Shanghai, said the dialogue is the first crucial communication event for the EU delegation in Shanghai after the outbreak of the pandemic. He, together with other diplomats, spoke highly of the product of SISU in European Studies and said they were deeply impressed by SISU's beautiful campus, characteristic educational programs and excellent students.

The heated discussion, among which burst many brilliant ideas, has lasted for about 4 hours. The participants have fulfilled a candid, comprehensive and constructive dialogue with rational statements, blunt responses, deep exploration and targeted suggestions. 



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