[24 June]Commencement 2015 - SISU graduates embark on next journey




he 2015 Commencement of Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) was held in the SISU Auditorium at the Songjiang Campus on the morning of June 18.

1,475 graduates, with joy and excitement, went through the landmark ceremony in their lives.

On the ceremony, a commemorative short film named “SISU, My University” was played to depict the fragments of the campus life since they went into the school, including those unforgettable moments, touching moments, and their infinite expectations for the future.

Meng Yanlun, student representative from School of Law recalled many details of his four-year campus experiences in his statement. He claimed that he would remember the motto of the spirit of SISU“Integrity, Vision and Academic Excellence”, and be honest to others and keeping hardworking.

“To us, SISU is a kind of fate, a kind of creed. What we have learned most from our college is not the specific knowledge but the combination of 30 percent one’s commitment to the ideal, 30 percent one’s search for truth, 30 percent one’s the pioneering courage and 10 percent one’s moral integrity,” he said.

Professor Zhang Zili, the Dean of SISU’s School of Russian and Eurasian Studies, expressed the sadness and blessing as a faculty member. He urged the students not to forget their mission and serves as a member of SISU—“With language as power to build a bridge for communication between civilizations in the world.”

Zhang affectionately expressed the expectations for graduates. “Today the school illuminates the path of yours to bless all of you travel afar and we believe you will illuminate the whole world in the future with your own light!” he said.

Gao Ming, an alumnus of SISU’s class of 1994 shared his life lessons summed up in his own business career. He is now the CEO of Amarsoft, one of China’s promising innovative enterprises in IT field.

From the aspects of the future development, career planning, career values, personal experiences and some other parts, Gao expounded his personal vision and advice to the graduates who are going to enter the workforce.

Dr. Jiang Feng, the Chair of SISU’s University Council, delivered his speech for the representation of SISU, as well as conveyed President Cao Deming’s sincere wishes to all the graduates. “SISU has built a bridge for all of you between the campus and society, and the link will pave the way for you into the bright future. From now on, your alma mater will miss you forever,” he said.

He also encouraged SISUers to should their responsibilities and cherish the reputation of SISU in sharing his story with the alumni and graduates. “No matter where you are and what you are doing, remember that you are a member of SISU. Never forget the motto our university,” he said.

In the end of his lecture, Jiang underlined three key words: Passion, Tolerance and Change.

On the ceremony, 74 students received their certificates as Shanghai Excellent Graduates, and the postgraduates who have supported the education in remote areas in China were also honored.

Some representatives of faculty, staff, alumni and students’ parents also attended.

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