[23 June]SISU delegation visites three leading universities in Seoul, ROK

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delegation, led by the University Council Chair of Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) Jiang Feng, has paid a courtesy visit to three universities in Seoul, the capital of Republic of Korea (ROK) early this June.

Upon its arrival, the three universities, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), Ewha Woman’s University (EWU) and Seoul National University (SNU) received SISU visitors with a red-carpet welcome.

During this visit, Jiang reached an agreement with Kim In Chul, the president of HUFS on some major projects such as the China-Japan-ROK cooperative research programs joined by HUFS, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS); the overseas intercampus establishment within the three universities and so on. Besides, Jiang and Kim also consented to strengthen the academic relationship among scholars and students for more research activities.

In Jiang’s visit to EWU,he expressed the appreciation for the curricula designed for SISU-Ewha joint master degrees on ROK society and cultures and suggested further cooperation in other disciplines such as politics, journalism, economics and business management.

While in SNU, President Sung Nak-in had an extensive talk and discussion with Jiang over the issues such as the university development strategies, the east and west difference of higher education administration, national mechanism of Korea, law education, and the co-cultivation of master and doctor degrees in social sciences. At the end, Sung delivered his own monograph on Korean Constitution to Jiang as a gift and in return Jiang and other representatives signed their names with best wishes on the SNU’s VIP album.

Jiang and the delegation also inspected the libraries, the history museums, faculty’ offices, students’ dormitories, canteens and the alumni association works in the three universities and had an in-depth communication with administrative staff there to keep gaining insight of the histories and the management of higher education in the ROK. Finally, Jiang expressed his gratitude to the professors in EWU having worked in SISU.

In his three-day visit, Jiang called upon SISU alumnus Qiu Guohong, the Chinese ambassador to ROK.Ambassador Qiu affirmed the positive result of the visit. And he suggested that SISU should deepen the exchange and cooperation with the well-known universities in the ROK, which could not only push the enhancement for SISU to become an international university but also promote the intellectual communication between the two countries. At the end of his visit, Jiangexpressed his gratitude to ambassador Qiu for his attention and support.

Time: 2015-06-25 Visitor: